It was 1962, the ideology started to have DIVINE SMILES for all human beings all over the world under DIVINE KINGDOM. It was finalized in 2007. The day originated the billions of families like skies , planets, animals and several universes so on uncountable and unreachable by human beings.

Religiously and scientifically difference of opinion exist, but scientists have not come forward to prove slightest idea of their thoughts Religion has a message of ALMIGHTY SUPREME CREATOR and his full command. If there was no command and one control how could these families exist and work most efficiently beyond imagination.

Where There Is Unity, There Is Always Victory

Bestowed knowledge and wisdom to him which I called it DIVINE SMILES but being first human was very close to his CREATOR. The message was not to be GREEDY but ADAM became obedient to his desire without the permission of his Creator means take whatever is permitted not to OBEY take away others respect. Adam duty includes keeping happy and smiling of all creations existed in PARADISE. NOT TO BE GREEDY, GREEDY GREEDY AND GREEDY.

Our message will follow soon after arranging order and manners among HUMAN BEINGS. Human beings forgot their duties and have diverted their attention to needs instead deeds.

Boost power potential which is bestowed to all His creations and provide all RESOURCES which are blessed by our Creator for all human beings in orderly manner as we can see order in His creations.

To arrange, manage and provide written natural constitution to families living and serving in most peaceful loving manner. Also to enhance it step by step from families beyond boundaries to the world. We want DIVINE SMILES on every face under DIVINE KINGDOM not mas that is costing public extremely very, very and very high volume of wealth and lives. The natural resources by the power of public must be diverted to welfare and elimination poverty and create harmony without distinction of class. We have designed a scientific system for that purpose.

Our audience are across the world under scientific methodology, simply no one knows who, where someone wants to share WISDOM. We have to make wise people to stand now and demolish falsehood, also pass on and train next generation to carry DIVINE TRUTH.

Where There Is Unity, There Is Always Victory