Welcome To Divine Smiles

It was 1962, the ideology started to have DIVINE SMILES for all human beings all over the world under DIVINE KINGDOM. It was finalized in 2007. The day originated the billions of families like skies , planets, animals and several universes so on uncountable and unreachable by human beings.


Divine Observatory Sanctum

Divine Observatory Sanctum continuously watch from all corner of world suffering of creatures and cruelty on the hands of immoral people and transform them to come to straight path sharesuffering rather than being cruel. Also make them aware of blessing of Divine Kingdom more than enough to enjoy this life.

Realization of Human Power Potential

Each of us has power potential when one realize stand to do small to great or greatest work. We will have system which will make people handle their affairs independtly and collectively that will all Divine Kingdom resource with their own labor get moral and material resources to all creatures in Divine Kingdom.

All population of the world are Divine Slaves we have to organize with super technology, scientific advance methodology with messages from world highest DIVINE WISDOM and VISION great personalities. Their messages are LOVE, MORAL, CHARACTER, UNITY, JUSTICE, RESPECT and EARN WITH HARD WORK. There is no person in the wold preaching these messages, Divine Smiles under DIVINE KINGDOM stand and work for these to individual, family, communities and over all to country.

Present top professions are doctors, attorneys, politicians and businessmen, they are all making body pollution, corruption and devil infective systems are kind of personalities. We also have to change them and tell them their right direction in the society.